What We Do

B2i Technologies provides the most robust and versatile tools to manage your Corporate website, Investor Relations website and email communications. Our Investor Relations Software solutions work through automation and implements into existing systems with ease in only a few steps. Our solutions not only help you stay compliant but save valuable time while reporting and delivering critical financial data and press release activities to investors.

Our solution simplifies Investor Relations by providing one integrated application that automates website and communication functions. Additionally, we offer Managed VIP Services to handle all of your website maintenance and email notifications needs that are not covered by automation.

What We Offer

Over 20 years of experience offering website automation technology, significantly reduced time spent on Investor Relations Communications and Website Content.

B2i's integrated solutions install quickly and automate the display of SEC Filings, Press Releases, Stock Data, Insider Holdings, Institutional Holders, OTC Filings and Financial Fundamentals to your website within SOX compliant standards.

B2i's VIP Services are ready to support you and keep your website up to date.


B2i Technologies has been helping Investor Relations and Marketing professionals save time and communicate more effectively with their contacts and website visitors since 2000.  Our integrated solutions automate data feeds posting to your IR website and sending email notifications.

We understand the importance of your communication efforts and encourage you to take a few minutes to see how our integrated website solutions can help, regardless of your industry or budget.

Investor Relations Plugins and Hosted IR Websites

IR Websites and IR Data Plugins

B2i's Investor Relations Solution provides highly reliable and customizable data for corporate websites including press releases, stock data, charting, and SEC filings within SOX compliance standards.

Our investor relations software displays real-time data on your website without requiring additional work on your behalf.  Once you have completed your Filings and Press Releases they are automatically loaded onto your website and formatted for easy access. Our IR software can be implemented with our popular Investor Relation Plugins or as a hosted service. Email automation is also available to distribute new filings to your contacts.
Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites

B2i can host all or part of your corporate website, while allowing you to use your own domain name and custom URLs. Need a mobile friendly, https secure, Ada compliant website? We create engaging websites with your company's story at the heart of the site. Let us tell your story today.

Features include: unlimited pages, page templates, file hosting, downloads, SEO optimization tools, backups, as well as custom forms in front of pages or downloads. Capture new leads, track page views and downloads, and be alerted on website activity. Automatically tag visitors or add to groups based on pages or downloads viewed.
Email Notifications and Alerts

Email Notifications and Alerts

B2i's Email Communications Solution is one of the keys behind knowledgeable customers and shareholders to help nurture current interests.  By sending out regular communications, you are keeping website visitors and contacts engaged with your company.  

Email automation tools allow your website visitors to sign up for automated email updates, which save you time and still keep communications current.  Our technology allows you to track email opens, click rates, and downloads on your personalized dashboard and maintain activity files within each contact's profile.

B2i combines a powerful email marketing tool within its CRM functionality and helps you track activities, follow-ups, and so much more!  
Investor Contact Manager

Investor Contact Manager

Easy management of emails, activities, mailing lists, follow-ups, reporting, and the ability to import/export contacts. B2i's Contact Relationship Management Solution is cloud based, can have unlimited users with independent access rights and controls.

B2i offers a comprehensive CRM and CMS integration at one cost-effective price.
Conference Calls, Webcasts and Virtual Shareholder Meetings

Conference Calls, Webcasts and Virtual Shareholder Meetings

B2i's Communications Solution provides your organization an on-demand arsenal to execute your Investor awareness campaigns through conference calls, webcasts, virtual roadshows, CEO interviews, and vitual shareholder meetings.

MP3 download links and transcription services are also available features.
Whistleblower Hotline and Website Solution

Whistleblower Hotline and Website Solution

B2i's Whistleblower Solution is an anonymous dedicated interface, that allows internal or external individual(s) to submit a customizable incident form electronically from your website.

Features include: unlimited users to be identified within your organization to receive electronic notification of whistleblower activity and full tracking capabilities for timely resolution, which may prevent further damage. Features can also include a complete audit trail with both date and timestamp, notes and documented responses.

Additionally, the submitter can provide a voice message with a B2i toll free number which can record a voicemail and send via email to your organization.

What is Seamless IR Integration?

We provide the ability to manage your Corporate and IR Website as well as Notification Emails with automation through a single portal. Our IR Software solution implements quickly and is easy-to-use. Our IR Websites and IR Data Plugins help you stay compliant and save valuable time, while delivering key data about your company's financial strength and press release activities.

We enable you to make your website more competitive, easier to navigate, and with less maintenance on your part.
We provide solutions to fit your current and future needs.